Fakir hausgeräte electric grill machine granite beige (grace)

$ 120,00 $ 79,90

Power: 1800 Watt
Measurements: 37*30*15 cm
Grill area: 32*25 cm
Product manual


Featuring an easy-to-clean stainless steel body, the 1800-watt grill has an upper body that can be adjusted according to the food thickness.

There are non-stick removable, easy-to-clean Teflon plates ideal for making toast, sandwich and all kinds of grills.

It has an adjustable temperature control button and oil drip chamber.

Product instructions:

  • It is not used in cooking or thawing frozen food.
  • Non-stick plates and metal surfaces reach high temperature value during use. To prevent burns, use only heat-proof gloves to hold the device by the handle.
  • Some odors and fumes may occur on first use. This is normal, it will not occur on subsequent uses

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Weight2.5 kg


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